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A friendly and professional children’s occupational therapy service based in and around Cambridgeshire.

Based on extensive experience and on-going training, Take Part Occupational Therapy offers a specialist therapy service for children and young people in and around Cambridgeshire.

My name is Mary Read, a specialist occupational therapist. My service helps children and young people who want to get on and take part in their lives. This may be difficult because of a diagnosis like autism or difficulties with sensory processing. I offer help for children who struggle to keep calm and organised at home and school. I can help improve handwriting, and other daily skills that are difficult to master.

If you are a parent or carer, or you are responsible for supporting children and young people with these difficulties at school, please read on.

Mary Read Occupational Therapist

Are you a parent or carer? How can I help you?

Sensory Integration
Is every day a battle? Your child may have a diagnosis such as Autism or Asperger syndrome, but maybe not. Does your child never stop, yet never actually settle to anything. Are you worried that they are falling behind at school? I have helped many children who have difficult bed times or meal times.

Your child may have difficulties being overwhelmed by too much sensory information such as noise, or by being in busy places. This can make it hard to settle and learn. There are lots of reasons why some children find handwriting difficult. Understanding the problem is the first step in solving it.

I can meet you and your child at home or school. My assessments are fun, but get to the root of the problem. I can provide you with a plan for things to do which will help. This can also be written as a report for school.

Josef’s Dad said:

We couldn’t have got to where we are today without Mary’s help. Mary is one in a million and we are lucky to have her on board!

Are you a SENCO or Inclusion Officer? How can I help you?

Are you struggling with a student who is not able to settle? Has their behavior become difficult to manage, despite your usually successful strategies? Is this child frequently unhappy or getting into trouble? What is their handwriting like?

You may want to ensure that targets for their individual education plans or the written provisions and outcomes for their EHCP are clear and achievable. Do you need a detailed assessment of the child so that you can understand the root of the problem and solve it?

I can come into school and work with you and the child to find out whether they have difficulties with sensory processing or fine motor skills. I can write a report giving the needs of the child and a plan of what intervention will help. I can come into school for 1:1 sessions if preferred.

Help for SENCO or Inclusion Officer?

Catherine – Class teacher (year 7) said:

Mary has taught me so much. Her whole demeanour with students who have sensory needs and challenging behaviour has truly shaped the way I approach the students that I work with.

Are you a Head Teacher? How can I help you?

Assessment and advice re handwriting skills
Are your staff confident in spotting a child who may have difficulties with sensory processing and how this impacts their learning? Does your school have a robust provision for ‘sensory circuits’ or ‘sensory diets’ for the children that need them? Do your staff feel confident in knowing how fine motor skills develop for children, especially those with developmental delays. Do your staff clearly know the developmental stages that underpin handwriting?

I can provide bespoke training packages in the form of workshops or inset days on sensory processing, sensory circuits, fine motor skills and handwriting. I can find out from you exactly what you would like me to cover, and how to make this easily accessible for your staff to ensure that it meets your needs.

Lara, Head Teacher said:

Mary’s lively style of presentation coupled with practical activities and relevantly pitched information was well received by all the staff.

What some people have said about Mary Read

From young people:

Thank you, Mary, for everything you’ve done. I’m super grateful.

Ani, aged 14yrs

From parents:

Mary took the time to listen and get to know Freddie. The changes Mary suggested have made a huge impact, our cuddle before dinner time helps us last a bit longer!

Freddie’s Mum

When Lola was diagnosed the bottom fell out of her world. Then she meet Mary, a very special person who listened, understood and got things sorted.”

Lola’s Mum

From Teachers and TAs:

Mary is a highly skilled OT whose emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills make her a joy to work with. Mary consistently goes above and beyond to tailor and personalise support for young people and their families. She recognises the benefits of partnership working and is able to carefully facilitate meetings to ensure positive outcomes for all. I would recommend Mary without hesitation after seeing the significant impact she had on young people in my school.

Victoria, Head Teacher at a specialist school for students with autism

Mary has been brilliant. As an English Teacher at secondary school it’s easy to wrongly assume that a student’s writing has reached a certain stage and can’t change.

Alex, English Teacher

I noticed a significant increase in how much writing Shona was willing to do after attending Mary’s handwriting group.

Abdul, Form Tutor (Year 10)

What I found incredible when working alongside Mary with Fin in the sensory gym was that his positive behaviours would still continue, even after the session came to an end. This was because the sessions were planned and involved lots of fun and relaxation that had been particularly tailored for Fin’s needs.

Hali, working as a 1:1 Teaching Assistant at a special school

From teachers who have attended training workshops:

Really good ideas about how to apply fine motor skills to real life.

All very informative, especially for a young teacher starting out.

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If you would like to talk things over please contact Mary Read by telephone or email or simply fill in the contact form.

Mary Read

Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist

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